Discount Categories

  • Food Services (Bidfood SA)

  • Building & Maintenance

  • Hygiene & Cleaning Equipment 

  • Bed & Linen

  • Kitchen & Laundry Equipment

Different discount rates have been agreed upon, with margins and discount structures varying between sectors and suppliers to the advantage of the members.

We have Bidfood Foodservice (one of many) as the leading broad line suppliers of frozen, chilled, ambient grocery and allied products to businesses across South Africa. This is without a doubt one of the best one stop shops you can partner with and also one of many suppliers that has an integrated approach.

The more organisations using the services offered by suppliers, the greater the leverage CSC SA Buying Group has to negotiate discounts, lower prices and member benefits. The lower the prices agreed on for members, the greater the capacity to create change.

The basic principle is that CSC SA members should be able to achieve substantially better pricing and excellent service delivery from partnered suppliers than someone else "walking in off the street".

If you have an existing account with any of our suppliers and wish to switch to the CSC rates, please download and complete the Account Switching form below.



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